The sample game report is for the kingdom of West Wales in game 53. The player names have been changed and their contact information has been removed, but most of the rest is the same as the original. Just click on the link and the report should open with Acrobat Reader
Animated Map
This links to a map provided by one of the players in Dark Age game 74. It's an animated GIF imaged, and shows the kingdoms growing and shrinking as the game progresses.
If you haven't already got Adobe Reader then it's a free download - don't worry if you can't use the latest version (which is limited to very recent operating systems). Older versions work just fine.
The game report will probably seem a bit intimidating at first sight. It's designed to pack a lot of information into a few pages. You'll need to read the rulebook and look at the game report together in order to work it out.

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