Q: I have maintenance costs of 21 BPs. The thing is, when I total up the "Sup" column in the "Areas Owned", it only amounts to 14. How is it my maintenance is 7 BPs more? How is it calculated ?

A: The rest will be for your reserve and/or household. If that's not covered in your rulebook it'll be a rules change in the message section.

Q: I'm just looking through the rules and trying to piece together what I should do in my first turn. I have noticed that 'unowned areas' may gain armies, population etc before my actions. So they may have 2 armies instead of 1, which seems like it would radically change the number of armies I would need to send in. Is this correct?

A: Yes, that's right. You have a choice. You can assume they will build whatever you'd least like and send enough troops to deal with that, or you gamble by sending only enough to deal with what you hope they'll have.

Q: Say both a city and its hinterland are unowned. If I attack the hinterland with an overwelming force, would (or could) the army retreat to the city?

A: No, although they have the same owner, it's not possible for that retreat have been ordered. Retreat locations are blank at the start of the game and no-one can order any for unowned areas, so unowned armies never retreat.

Q: Submitting my turn online my blank actions were all filed up with TAX actions and it would let me leave them blank. Is this correct?

A: Yes, you can't leave actions blank on the online turnsheet. There's no reason to: TAX actions don't cost anything and they raise extra BPs. The blanks only fill up with tax actions when you press the "submit turn" button (or hit "enter" on the keyboard) and you can still change those actions to something else before you hit the "submit turn" again.

Q: If you levy an army in a wetland or similar 'sticky' environment, can you then move the army during that turn or is it stuck due to appearing in a sticky area?

A: Yes, you can move it. The area isn't actually sticky until something moves into it (or any of the other sticky things happen). But once the area is sticky then everything in it becomes stuck (so if you levy one army and then reserve another in the same area, then both are stuck, not just the reserve).

Q: In a battle that lasts more than one phase, are the strengths adjusted at the end of each phase or are they fixed for the full battle at the starting levels, with only the armies depleting?

A: They're adjusted each round.

Q: Where an army of two comes up against a defence level of two in an assault; a third of two is 0.667, so no losses would occur. What would happen next?

A: Nothing. The attack fails as soon as the attacker is unable to inflict any losses. It's quite common when attacking into difficult terrain (where the defender get reduced losses).

Q: What happens to an unowned area's reserve armies (i.e an army that has just been sabotaged and dispersed).

A: Unowned armies are eliminated when sabotaged (there's no reserve available to put them in).

Q: The rulebook states that "areas that do not contain armies or ships (even areas that contain nothing at all) may still defend attacks". Does this mean that if an area has a defence strength value but no army then your army takes the relevant deduction in the first and only phase of battle, and the area is then yours?

A: If your army survives then the area is yours. If the population, forts and terrain are sufficient to eliminate your army/armies then the attack fails.

Q: Does the extra loss to the ambushed side take effect in the initial ambush, or only in subsequent phases?

A: In all phases.

Q: Can you offer some examples of how the battle system works?

A: Yes, see the Battles Page.

Q: I don't understand the income tables in the rulebook (11.2)

A: The Income table in 11.2 is out of date (it's not actually needed at all). It used to work like that, but trade income now pays treasury BPS instead of income - see 2.15 (3rd para).

Q: In the rulebook (2.8) it states that unused BP`s at the end of the turn are spent in a certain sequence. Does one army still "levy" into your reserves and household troop? Even though the actions that allowed you do this yourself are no longer available?

A: Yes, and it's common to do that deliberately, leaving enough BPs left over at the end of the turn so they'll be spent on an extra army in your reserve and household. That frees up actions for other things - but you can only raise one of each, each turn.

Q: Is it possible, to save actions within a turn, to levy armies directly into your household or your reserve as happens with leftover BPs?

A: No, there's no way to levy new armies direct into your household or reserve, except for the odd one you get using up your unspent BPs.

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